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Alarm.com Releases Smart Arming

Alarm.com Releases Smart Arming

Alarm.com Releases Smart Arming – A free smart arming function has been announced by Alarm.com that offers “intelligent adaptive auto arming and disarming” based on detected user activity in the home.

According to Alarm.com, users choose the time of day they want their system armed at night and disarmed in the morning. When the system detects inside activity or motion, the system automatically disarms.

Users can also choose a window of time to auto-disarm when activity is detected (between 5am and 12pm), without a scheduled time to disarm. This intelligent adaptability is designed to reduce the risk of false ..

“Smart home technology should adapt to the homeowner, rather than the other way around,” says Abe Kinney, senior director of product management at Alarm.com.

Alarm.com Releases Smart Arming

“Thanks to Smart Arming, customers can sleep better because of auto-arming at night and parents can sleep in longer because of auto-disarming in the morning.

“Smart Arming helps reduce the worry of kids setting off an alarm by accident and reduces the need to teach holiday visitors how to use the system.

“It also provides added peace of mind for Alarm.com customers, who know their security system is working hard behind the scenes to prevent false alarms and potential fines.”

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