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Amazing AI Safety Agent Alarm

AI Safety Agent Alarm From Nirovision.

Amazing AI Safety Agent Alarm From Nirovision.

AI Safety Agent Alarm – Nirovision has unveiled its innovative new AI Safety Agent Alarm for real-time incident monitoring based on a site’s operations, procedures and risks.

Safety Agent Alarm allows an AI agent to actively monitor a workplace’s security cameras and alert managers, operators or security officers of security and safety concerns in real time.

AI Safety Agent Alarm3 LR
AI Safety Agent Alarm from Nirovision.

Safety Agent can distinguish between non-events and genuine safety concerns and can be given custom prompts and extra knowledge, such as “Hi-vis vests are mandatory on site”, to ensure adherence to specific safety rules.

Unlike traditional business alarms which are limited to basic motion detection, Safety Agent Alarm empowers workplaces to be notified of events that were previously deemed impossible.

Potential Safety Agent Alarm Events Include

  • Alert for someone lying on the ground
  • Alert for someone on the roof near the edge
  • Alert if a worker looks injured
  • Alert for people physically fighting
  • Alert for a person climbing a fence
  • Alert for a vehicle load not suitably restrained
  • Alert for someone who seems trapped e.g. in a cool room.
AI Safety Agent Alarm2 LR
AI Safety Agent Alarm from Nirovision.

“We believe AI is poised to redefine incident monitoring, so the future is exciting,” says Jimmy Lee, Nirovision’s CEO.

“Today, multimodal large language models are capable of recognising and discerning what it sees and transcribing its observations in great detail. This, in concert with our efficient object detection models, allows workplaces to receive descriptive alerts for previously unseen safety and security events in real-time.”

“It was only a matter of time before these large vision models infiltrated the camera monitoring space, so we are proud to be pioneers in bringing this to market.”

You can learn more about Nirovision and enquire about AI Safety Agent here or there’s more SEN news here.

“AI Safety Agent Alarm From Nirovision.”

AI Safety Agent Alarm4 LR
AI Safety Agent Alarm from Nirovision.


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