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AJAX Hub 2 4G

AJAX Hub 2 4G

♦ AJAX Hub 2 4G – AJAX Hub 4G manages all the Ajax devices in the system to alert users of events including open doors, broken windows, threats of fire and flooding, as well as transmitting pictures from the MotionCam detectors, and notifying a monitoring station of alarms.

Hub 2 central panel uses Ethernet or one of the 2 SIM cards to guarantee the delivery of the alarms and event images. The channels work in parallel and back each other up in case of emergency, with alarms signalled on 0.15 seconds and compressed images delivered, even at internet speeds of only 0.5kB/s.

Hub 2 polls every device at 12 second intervals and alerts when a sensor is removed or malfunctions, or is damaged or tampered with, with events reported via app to user and/or signalled to a monitoring station.

Hub 2 runs on OS Malevich, a real-time operating system that is immune to viruses and protected from cyber-attacks and offers increased functionality with each system update undertaken automatically over the air.

Hub 2 central panel communicates with the security system devices using radio frequencies on a distance of up to 2000 m. The 2-way Jeweller radio protocol encrypts all transmitted data using modified AES with frequency hopping, and in cases of interference or jamming, Ajax switches the frequency and notifies users, as well as the alarm response company.

For parallel visual data transmission from MotionCams, Hub 2 uses Ajax Wings radio protocol, a high-speed protocol based on Jeweller encrypted, frequency-hopping technology. Wings uses a dedicated antenna to improve channel reliability.

To install Hub 2, you connect it to the internet, plug the power cord, scan the QR code using Ajax app downloaded from online. In most cases, devices won’t require any additional tuning and Hub 2 begins to operate once online allowing control from anywhere in the world.

Up to 100 devices can be connected to a hub, as well as 25 cameras, a maximum of 50 users, 50 rooms and 9 MotionCam sensors. CMS connectivity is via Contact ID and SIA. Power supply is 110−240V DC battery backup is Li-Ion 2Аh delivering up to 16 hours offline operation when the Ethernet is switched off, operating temperature range is −10 to 40С and dimensions are 163 x 163 x 36mm, and weight is 362g, while warranty is 24 months.

Contact AJAX distributors for more information.

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