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Yossi Harel Leaves CSM

Yossi Harel Leaves CSM

♦ Yossi Harel Leaves CSM – CSM has said farewell to CEO Yossi Harel after 5 years of service. Harel leaves a legacy of growing the fledgling business year-on-year and guiding the team through the COVID pandemic.

“I have always been, and continue to be, incredibly proud of the CSM team for providing Australian security installers with industry-leading products and knowledge, but most importantly for the personal service and care that they have come to love,” Harel said. “It’s been my privilege to work alongside such great people, and I thank everyone for their support”

Harel’s departure marks a change in the leadership at CSM, with a new team stepping in to drive an even deeper customer-centric approach to the business. Ron Fuchs steps in as managing director having formerly been CSM’s legal counsel.

Joining Fuchs as part of the leadership team are Casey Jobben (national sales manager), Lijun Gu (national tech manager) and Matthew Parashis (national marketing manager).

“I’m excited to step into CSM at a time of such growth,” Fuchs said. “Our team is committed to our values and are always putting our customers first – it’s an exciting and innovative time, and I’m excited to be a part of CSM’s commitment to the industry, as well as being its number 1 cheerleader.

“CSM is committed to the 2 foundations of our business: our customers and our staff,” Fuchs said. “Our leadership team are dedicated to driving continued innovation, customer service, product knowledge and mostly importantly providing an environment for our staff to thrive in so that they in turn can pass on their infectious enthusiasm and knowledge to our customers.”

Casey Jobben brings 20 years of security and electronics industry knowledge and experience as well as an outstanding reputation for being at the forefront of industry innovation. Jobben’s focus is on customer satisfaction, product knowledge, learning, and providing the Australian security industry with the right product, at the right cost, at the right time.

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“Our product range is class-leading – we know that in the past CSM has been seen as a locking specialist, but CSM’s product offering now covers all security verticals, and we have employed product specialists from within the industry to offer installers the right advice,” Jobben said.

“The security solutions that CSM offer are tried, tested and proven to be effective. We call our employees ‘security experts’, and we genuinely stand by that – we have a team of people who are eager to assist customers in providing the correct solution for every install,” Jobben said.

Lijun Gu, with over a decade of experience in technical support and 8 years in the security industry is responsible for all matters technical at CSM from technical support and testing to product assessment and ranging. Gu’s technical knowledge puts CSM at the forefront of ensuring each customer has the correct product in their hands.

Parashis joins CSM as national marketing manager and brings with him a stellar reputation and unparalleled enthusiasm for product knowledge and education.

“I’m genuinely excited to be a part of CSM and providing our customers with the tools, training and knowledge that they need to make every install easy,” said Parashis. “CSM is renowned in the industry for putting its customers first, and for me, I’m passionate about making purchasing decisions easier for all security installers in Australia.”

As part of the move into its new growth phase, the company has also shortened its name to ‘CSM’ leaving behind the past association to Security Merchants and firmly establishing itself as its own company and brand.

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