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Ajax Ready Protect Fog Cannons

Ajax Ready Protect Fog Cannons Deliver Ease Of Installation.

Ajax Ready Protect Fog Cannons – Protect fog cannons are now Ajax Ready and can now be seamlessly integrated with Ajax security systems wirelessly, making installation quick and effortless – only 2 minutes.

Ajax Ready Protect fog cannons can be bought as a full kit, which includes 2, 3 or 4 Ajax relays, DIN rail, DIN holder and Ajax cables – these components reduce expense and disruption of lengthy installations. With the wireless setup, there are no cables.

Further, with Ajax wireless integration, users can now have complete control of all your security systems from a single device. Users can manage and monitor fog cannons directly from the Ajax App – this includes activating the fog cannon remotely.

There are 5 different ways of wirelessly activating an Ajax ready Protect fog cannon linked to an Ajax hub. These include with reed style sensors, with glass break sensors, with motion sensors, with panic buttons or via the Ajax app.

The PROTECT 2200i is the most powerful of the Protect fog cannon models and is designed for burglary protection in warehouses, large offices, shopping centres and large foyers. It is also sold to private users with large stables, large machinery parks, cellars or hallways. Like the smaller 600i and 1100i models, the PROTECT 2200i is tested and approved in accordance with the IEC 62642-8 standard for fog cannons.

You can learn more about Protect fog cannons here or read more SEN news here.

Ajax Ready Protect Fog Cannon 2200i Specifications

  • Discharges 2700 m3 of fog in 60 seconds at full speed
  • Flexible adjustment between 900 and 2875 m3 to exactly match the room size
  • Enough fluid for 5 discharges in one container
  • Pulse function for up to 10 minutes (effective fog maintenance)
  • Anti-sabotage, impact-resistant steel casing
  • Compatible with IPCard, MultiCard, UniBusCard and IntelliBox
  • White and black colour options
  • Up to 5-year warranty (requires online product registration)
  • Tested and approved in accordance with IEC 62642-8.

“Ajax Ready Protect Fog Cannons Deliver Ease Of Installation.”

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