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AnyVision Raises $US235M To Grow Access Point AI

AnyVision has secured an investment of $US235 million from SoftBank Vision Fund 2i and Eldridge with further participation from existing investors to accelerate AnyVision’s product innovation in edge computing and Access Point AI.

Access Point AI is used to optimize touchless access control, video surveillance, and watchlist alerting. The same platform will drive operational insights including occupancy analytics, people counting, and dwell times, as well as flag potentially dangerous behaviour.

With this new funding, AnyVision will continue to push the boundaries of its technology by integrating SDKs and software onto edge-devices (e.g., smart cameras, bodycams, and chips) to deliver superior video analytics in terms of speed, security, affordability, flexibility, and versatility.

Additionally, the company will use the funding to expand into new markets and fuel its growing channel programme. AnyVision’s biometric technologies currently serve leading blue-chip organizations across financial services, gaming, stadiums, education, critical infrastructure, healthcare, and manufacturing/distribution verticals.

“AnyVision’s innovations in Recognition AI helped transform passive cameras into proactive security systems and empowered organizations take a more holistic view to advanced security threats,” said AnyVision’s CEO Avi Golan. “The Access Point AI platform is designed to protect people, places, and privacy while simultaneously reducing costs, power, bandwidth, and operational complexity.”

According to AnyVision, the latest threats are often a result of hybrid attacks targeting both physical and cyber assets. Historically, physical security has been an afterthought when it comes to information security and often lacked the power of modern technologies. Unfortunately, an enterprise’s cybersecurity measures can be rendered useless if a bad actor can physically access their network.

At the same time, physical security systems often collect, record, and process large amounts of personal data, some of which may be very critical and sensitive. In this area, AnyVision is pioneering new data privacy measures that not only comply with privacy regulations, but also equip enterprise customers with necessary tools to address their evolving privacy needs, including bystander blurring, dynamic data retention times, and limits to the storing of data for individuals not listed within an organization’s watchlist.

Organizations are realizing that cyber and physical assets can be targeted, separately or simultaneously, and compromised resulting in financial and data loss. AnyVision’s Access Point AI platform leverages state-of-the-art technologies to help protect an organization’s physical access points by identifying authorized personnel and persons of interest in real-time – whether VIPs or bad actors – and layering in additional operational insights to streamline the customer experience.

To increase its market reach, AnyVision has forged strategic relationships with several key partners in this space including Honeywell, Schneider Electric, Boon Edam, Ambarella, and Nvidia as well as a number of key regional system integrators. In terms of technology validation, AnyVision achieved top rankings across all five categories in the 1:1 verification in the Face Recognition Vendor Test conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The company was also named as one of the Top 10 Facial Recognition Companies to Look For in 2021 by Analytics Insights.

“The visual recognition market is nascent but has large potential in the Western world,” said Anthony Doeh, partner for SoftBank Investment Advisers. “We have witnessed the transformative power of AI, biometrics and edge computing in other categories, and believe AnyVision is uniquely placed to redefine physical environment analytics across numerous industries.”


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