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Aritech Upgrades Its Forcefield

Aritech Upgrades Its Forcefield Security Management Platform.

Aritech Upgrades Its Forcefield – Aritech Australia has announced the availability of version 8.1.0 of its Forcefield integrated security management software.

According to Aritech, this latest release offers a number of new features, fixes and improvements to its Forcefield software, an integrated security management platform that seamlessly combines access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance into a unified system.

Forcefield facilitates control access of a site seamlessly, removing the need for operators to manually manage user access. The system allows users to manage control of doors, alarms, user access, cameras (including PTZ cameras), digital recorders, intercoms and video switchers from a single operator screen on a Windows PC.

Integration to digital video recorders through Forcefield’s video module gives the ability to link events to video footage and control the video system from within Forcefield.

Forcefield gives security customers the ability to run Forcefield within a virtualised environment. This integration simplifies disaster recovery configurations for IT departments, allows for deployment in standard virtual server environments, potentially increases performance and there’s no host OS required as QNX is installed straight onto server hardware using VMware ESXi.

Managing license credentials for staff and visitors is now done easily via Forcefield. User licenses allows an operator to add credentials to each user (such as security license, forklift license, site induction completion date, tight spaces training, high voltage, etc). An expiry date for each credential is also available and up to 5 licenses can be assigned per person.

Aritech Upgrades Its Forcefield Platform

Forcefield now makes management of expiring licences easier with a dual notification system. The first notification alerts you to an upcoming expiration date. At a nominated date, Forcefield will create a warning alarm advising the operator so that they may take steps to ensure the user(s) can action a renewal, or remove the license if no longer required.

The second notification alerts the operator to a license expiry date. If no action is taken and the license date passes, a user’s access can be automatically expired by Forcefield. This allows customers to keep their employees and work sites safe by ensuring that only users with valid licenses have access to site.

The system has a real-time operating system at its core for enhanced security and reliability while maintaining the flexibility and convenience of Windows workstations.

Automatic user import/export allows integration with visitor management and human resource systems to streamline people management in your organisation. Third-party systems can also be integrated to support pagers, duress solutions, intercom switchers and video systems.

Forcefield has a multi-node architecture which allows for modular scalability and distributed processing, eliminating the risk of one single point of failure. Wide area network server failover provides continuous access to your network across 2 distant locations.

Forcefield is scalable from a single site to a multinational deployment providing the network architecture that is critical to seamless real time multi-site and multi-user operation.

You can find out more about Aritech upgrades its Forcefield here or read more SEN news here.

Aritech Upgrades Its Forcefield Features:

  • Supports all Challenger control panels
  • Supports all Network Access Controllers
  • Support for 4G connection to all Challenger panels (except
  • Challenger v8) via the 4G Communications Module
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 support*
  • Manage up to 5 user-defined licenses, with dual notifications on expiration of license credentials
  • Highly scalable solution supporting thousands of doors, cameras and alarm points
  • High-level integration to third-party systems such as intercom, duress, HR and video
  • Control doors, alarms, user access, cameras (including PTZ cameras) and recorders from map display
  • Off-site server redundancy option
  • Powerful third-party video integration, providing device status and video verification of alarms
  • Supports up to 999 digital video recorders
  • Automation of tasks based on specific events and operator actions
  • Macro logic style event triggers
  • Advanced alarm monitoring
  • Powerful reporting features
  • Integrated photo ID
  • VM Support.

“Aritech Upgrades Its Forcefield Security Management Platform.”

Aritech Upgrades Its Forcefield 2 LR
Aritech Upgrades Its Forcefield.
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