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Art Of Logic Europa

Art Of Logic Europa For Edge Surveillance.

Art Of Logic Europa For Edge Surveillance.

Art Of Logic Europa – Europa is a seriously robust micro server from the Adelaide-based Art of Logic running NX Witness VMS.

You expect manufacturers to make much of their devices but with Europa the specifications do the talking, kicking off with compact external dimensions of 70x 70 x 50mm. The anodised aluminium housing is designed for passive cooling of processors and modem, and rated IP67 against dust and water – IP67 is immersion to 1 metre over extended periods, complete protection against dust and protection against tools or objects 1mm or greater in diameter.

Art Of Logic Europa

Europa has 4G connectivity to deliver video streams from the edge, while that integration with Nx Witness VMS, means the device is ideal for a wide range of applications, particularly edge-based computing within government, policing, and autonomous vehicles.

Running 4 channels of object detection concurrently, the Europa device is perfect for applications where high-performance computing is essential. Its compact and miniaturized form factor provides a new standard for energy efficiency in edge-based technology, setting it apart from its competitors.

Art Of Logic Europa- it features and functions list is strong to say the least. The unit has 4/5G, 6GB RAM, iMX8M Plus with ARM Cortex A53 cores, Hailo-8 GPU for machine learning/AI, 512GB EMMC, GB Ethernet, 2 Audio channel, 2 Video inputs (more through Ethernet), GPS and accelerometer, GPIO.

There’s more information about Arts of Logic Europa here and you can see more SEN news here.

Art Of Logic Europa Features:

  • IP67 housing
  • SMA connectors for LTE antennas
  • SMC connector for GPS
  • All connectors to be mounted on the short side of the device
  • Maximum short side width of 75mm
  • Anodised black aluminium housing for passive cooling of processors and modem
  • SIM accessible by opening the case
  • Dual USB Camera capture
  • Dual Microphone capture
  • USB Camera raw video transfer to Hailo-8
  • Dual USB Camera h.265 encoding
  • Dual Transport Stream (TS) generation (video and audio blocks)
  • Dual TS low-latency streaming (UDP, RTP, RTSP in Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast)
  • Dual TS recording on EMMC • Files download via GbE and USB when connected to PC instead of a camera.
  • GPIOs control
  • Control using Web-Browser and SW API via GbE
  • Dual USB 2.0 for USB camera – dual Binder M5 connectors
  • GbE – Binder M8 connector
  • Dual Microphone – Binder M5 connector
  • Dual 4G Cellular Antenna – SMA connectors
  • Single GPS Antenna – SMC connector
  • 4 x GPIOs – Binder M5 connector
  • 12V Power Input – Binder M5 connector
  • PCIe to Hailo-8
  • USB to 4G Cellular Modem
  • SDIO to EMMC
  • I2S to Audio Codec (microphone input will pass through MAX9814 amplifier.
Art of Logic Europa 2 LR
Art Of Logic Europa 2

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