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AVA AI-Powered Dome Arrives At SEN For Testing

AVA’s AI-powered Dome security camera, distributed locally by Sektor, has arrived at SEN for testing, and it’s an impressive piece of kit right out of the box.

Designed to be tough indoors and out, and capable of handling all lighting conditions, Dome comes with built-in intelligent AI analytics, optional storage of up to 120 days of retention, and integrates seamlessly with the Ava Aware Cloud video management system. This is a vandal-resistant, discreet, 4K camera that includes an F1.5-F2.8 aperture, a focal length of up to 10mm, and multi-exposure line-based HDR to deliver the best image quality in low-light conditions.

It’s not all about the hardware – Dome also has advanced intelligence via image recognition, machine learning, and acoustics. Users can use these to detect anomalies in real time and to receive proactive notifications before threats escalate. The cameras also identify specific sound patterns, such as screaming, gunshots, breaking glass, smoke alarms, car alarms, loud noises, and ultrasound to determine the type of sound and direction.

A plug-and-play configuration removes the need for usernames and passwords, pre-configuration set-up, or default settings. You can also scan the unique QR codes on the Dome cameras to onboard them to the Aware Cloud video management system. Dome is also equipped with an innovative mounting bracket and simple cable management, making it ideal for discrete installations or areas with reduced space.

With factory-installed certificates, camera passwords set at initialization, and end-to-end encryption, AVA cameras are equipped with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to provide a secure encryption key storage for each camera. Software upgrades are seamless and instant, with continued access to regular automated system performance checks and designed and built in Europe, America, or Taiwan.

Stand by for SEN’s first impressions on the AVA Dome camera and its cloud-based management solution coming soon!


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