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Bosch all-in-one 200 Series IP camera


straight from the box, the new compact cameras can operate without a digital
video recorder or PC. As soon as they are plugged in, the cameras start
recording, and can store several days of video footage on an SD memory card.
All that is necessary is to plug them in and walk away.

The compact
camera uses the latest H.264 compression to reduce storage requirements by up
to 30 per cent compared with MPEG-4. This helps to keep storage costs to a
minimum. Suitable for applications ranging from small offices, retail shops and
minimarkets to day-care centers and classrooms, the new camera is easy to
install. No specific expertise is needed. All that is necessary is to plug the
camera in and insert an SD card. A single cable connection handles power,
viewing and recorded video if a PoE-enabled (Power over Ethernet) switch is

This new all
all-in-one solution also delivers professional class CCTV performance that has
become the hallmark of Bosch, with sharp, clear color images. The system comes
complete with a varifocal lens and if desired, different lenses can be attached
using the camera’s CS mount.

The system
includes dedicated surveillance software that enables remote PC viewing,
allowing recorded video from up to 8 cameras to be played back on a single PC
monitor. The software also makes it easy to archive video for later use, or to
locate specific events easily using a smart search facility to scan the video
for movement.

In addition, the
camera features built-in motion, tamper and audio detection that can be used to
trigger an action, such as setting off an alarm or increasing recording quality
to capture extra details in a scene. There is also a two-way audio capability,
allowing operators to communicate with visitors or employees via the camera.

Bosch Security Systems

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