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Bosch Solution 6000

Bosch Solution 6000

♦ Bosch Solution 6000 – With up to 144 zones, 16 access doors or readers and 990 users, Solution 6000 is a fully integrated security solution that has the alarm features and access control capabilities.

The system supports wired and wire-free options, the combination of its intuitive user interface and high-speed programming software make it an easy-to-use complete security solution ideal for commercial premises and larger homes.

Up to 990 individual system users have the choice of arming and disarming using a unique PIN code (up to 8 digits long), a wireless remote, smart card or token, biometric fingerprint or by using the auto arm function.

There’s a choice of access control user interfaces including internal or weatherproof external smart card readers, keypads with built-in Wi-Fi and smart card readers, or for a higher security option, biometric fingerprint readers.

The flexibility of the auto arm function enables systems to automatically arm at pre-defined times. Programmed schedules can also extend to control the locking of gates or turning building lights on and off, providing a complete security and access solution.

The standard Bosch keypad features a graphical user interface that incorporates a text-driven menu system. Colour coded, illuminated keys make it easy to operate your security system, day or night. An enhanced version of the graphic keypad incorporates a built-in smart card reader, allowing users to simply present their token to the keypad to arm/disarm and or unlock a door in one simple action.

The Wi-Fi enabled keypads sit on the wired RS485 panel LAN as with other keypads, but also act as a Wi-Fi connection device and antenna for the panel, allowing it to join existing wireless networks in your home or business. Just like with the wired network module for the Solution 6000, a Wi-Fi enabled keypad allows the panel to use such features as IP reporting and upload/download via IP to control the panel. The flexibility of a keypad is that it can easily be installed close to wireless routers or access points, allowing the panel itself to be securely stored in a location that may not otherwise provide a strong wireless signal.

Site Manager is a software platform for the Bosch Solution 6000 intrusion panels that gives you the ability to easily administer the day-to-day operations of your system. The software allows a security manager to control multiple panels in different locations by way of conventional IP networks, giving them access to user lists, access control, time zones, and system and user activity logs.

The interactive mode of Site Manager allows you to remotely control features of the panel such as outputs, doors, and includes a live log of access and other events. When used with the optional desktop smart card/token reader, Site Manager allows you to learn in access cards and tokens at the administration PC, without having to go out to a field device.

MyAlarm Connection

With a Solution 6000 panel connected to MyAlarm, end users can make use of the iFob Control app available on both IOS and AndroidOS. With this app they’ll be able to check on the status of any Solution 6000 panel connected to your account, arm or disarm the system, operate doors and outputs, and view the panel event log. You can assign up to 10 mobile devices to each panel, allowing other users access to similar functions with permissions and restrictions that you can set easily through the MyAlarm web interface.

You’ll never miss an alarm event with push, voice, SMS or email notification available on some MyAlarm plans. You could also use the same feature to be informed when other users have armed or disarmed the system, allowing you to ensure that staff or family have properly secured the site when leaving.

Contact Bosch distributors for more information about the Bosch Solution 6000.

Main features of the Solution 6000:

* Integrated access and alarm
* 16 access control readers or keypads
* Full text menu display for programming & user control
* Smart Card, biometric and external readers, with external keypad options
* Up to 144 wired or wireless zones and 990 users
* Supported communication formats include Conettix IP, GSM, SMS, Email, ContactID, GPRS, CSV IP, SIA 3+ Text, voice and domestic dial
* SMS via Bosch GSM and SMS panel control
* Up to 40 outputs available
* Cloud connectivity including push notification, remote control, and monitoring.

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