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Britech Installs Integriti, Milestone, Intrepid, Healthsafe For Kubota

Britech Security has installed an integrated electronic security solution incorporating Integriti, Milestone, Intrepid and Healthsafe for agriculture, construction and power equipment supplier, Kubota Australia.

With its headquarters located in Melbourne, Victoria, Kubota’s product is distributed and serviced through an authorised network of more than 140 dealers Australia-wide. Now Kubota has leveraged the power and flexibility of Inner Range’s Integriti security and access control platform to provide solutions for the company’s continually changing business needs.

According to Kubota’s James Sendra, the company’s focus on security and staff safety has driven the constant need for improvement around the security and access control platform.

“Kubota’s Melbourne headquarters in Truganina house our corporate team and its extensive catalogue of spare parts and machinery,” Sendra says. “This site was initially deployed with Inner Range’s Concept 4000 Platform which serviced our needs at the time, providing electronic security and access control site-wide. However, with any business the requirement to continually adapt to evolving challenges and integration needs led to the opportunity to migrate their Concept 4000 system.

“Access control for both staff access and intruder perimeter detection due to the nature of their business and assets on site is vital and was the catalyst to make significant improvements to site security,” he explains.

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As with many sites, the challenges are not fully identified until a solution is deployed, and the end-user provides feedback through interacting and understanding the system’s functional ability. Kubota’s deployment of Integriti evolved in response to their changing needs and technology advancements.

Kubota’s first line of defence against intrusion is its perimeter fence detection system. Secondly, the requirement for a video management system was identified to ensure clear footage was captured and stored in the event of a break-in. Finally, discussions between Sendra and Kubota’s OH&S manager highlighted the need to accurately track visitors, contractors, and staff in the event of an emergency.

Kubota’s Integrated Solution

Kubota has a long-standing and trusted relationship with Daniel Kennedy from Britech Security – Kennedy’s years of experience in delivering integrated solutions drove him to propose a solution using Integriti as the foundation for the new solution – a decision encouraged by the fact Concept LAN modules are fully backward compatible with Integriti, helping to reduce the cost of the migration and upgrade.

Britech was able to evaluate and select from the numerous products that integrated with Integriti, offering a foundation that can constantly adapt to the needs of Kubota now and into the future.

“Kubota has pushed us as installers to solve unique problems; Integriti is a fantastic problem-solving platform,” Kennedy says. “To resolve the issue with the existing perimeter detection, Inner Range’s Integriti platform was deployed with Intrepid’s microphonic perimeter detection system. This deployment uses a high-level integration between the two systems providing significantly more accurate status and control and fewer false alarms.”

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Britech selected and installed Milestone VMS onsite in order to being the power of CCTV into the solution.

“The selection of Milestone provides the future option of leveraging the full capabilities of the high-level integration between Integriti and Milestone and additionally allowing for CCTV situational awareness for any intruder alarm generated from the Intrepid perimeter detection,” Kennedy said. “It means that once fully implemented Kubota’s integrated system will provide a streamlined approach to reviewing alarm events with CCTV video streaming, all within one software suite – Integriti Professional – making operation intuitive for Kubota’s operators.”

Meanwhile, to address emergency mustering and visitor access, Sendra insisted on a solution that provided integration to the Integriti platform rather than running bespoke systems. Healthsafe Securepass was selected for its visitor and contractor management capabilities and feature-rich integration to Integriti.

Additionally, Integriti’s advanced reports were used during Covid lockdowns to run daily reports for essential staff members working on site, which added another powerful ability to the day-to-day management of the site through Integriti’s extensive reporting ability. A recently installed integration between Integriti and Active Directory has further streamlined the user creation process.

“The combination of Integriti, Milestone VMS and Intrepid perimeter fences have significantly reduced incidents of theft and vandalism,” Kennedy said. “Kubota is confident that in the unlikely event of an emergency, the system will be able to provide the accurate location of users to ensure staff, visitor and contractor safety.

Kubota Australia is pleased with its power new security and safety solution.

“Integriti has repeatedly been able to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our business requirements and we feel that Integriti’s agile ability to constantly adapt to emerging industry needs will continue to provide Kubota with a class leading integrated management system for many years to come,” Sendra said.



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