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Cctv For Sailors

The EyeOnBoard system utilizes on-board network cameras and environmental sensors to continuously monitor the yacht. The on-board systems connect via the Internet through wireless hotspots at marinas to EyeOnBoard’s central servers.

The EyeOnBoard servers process and display the data into easy-to-read Web pages secured for each yacht owner. Upon logging in to his secure site, the owner has immediate real-time access to environmental sensors (shore power, flooding, temperature, humidity, and intrusion), network camera images, wireless network status and marine instrumentation data (GPS, water depth, wind speed, and status of house batteries).

The <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />EyeOnBoardYachtResponseCenter responds to alarms from the owner’s yacht 24 hours a day, seven days a week using the EyeOnBoard System and notifies the owner or his designated agent of a verified sensor alert.

At the time of installation of the EyeOnBoard System, the owner provides the YachtResponseCenter with a notification hierarchy and determines what action should be taken when an alert occurs.

The owner can choose to be notified when an alert occurs or predetermined actions can be taken by the YachtResponseCenter without owner involvement. The owner is notified via any e-mail-enabled device, including cell phones or other mobile devices capable of receiving e-mail after the alert has been resolved.

The yacht owner may also contact the YachtResponseCenter with questions about Windows operating system, wireless connectivity, statistics and status reporting, environmental monitoring, installation of application upgrades, disk file restoration, and more.

“EyeOnBoard is going to change the way yacht owners look at their investments because they can now access their yacht’s real-time information anywhere, anytime,” says Wes Vermeulens, president, West Bay SonShip Yachts Ltd. “We are introducing EyeOnBoard systems to new boat owners and recommending current customers take a close look at EyeOnBoard and the peace of mind it delivers


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