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Challenges of CCTV Lens Reflections in Direct Sunlight

We have a camera in an exposed location which has a sunshade but in winter the sun gets low enough on the horizon that it causes intense internal reflections for a busy hour in the afternoon when we need perfect coverage.

We’ve tried tweaking the camera angle slightly, but we need that wide view for our quadrangle application. Moving the camera would be an expensive option, too. There’s no trenching or power on the opposite site and it might also move our problem from the afternoon to the morning. What are your thoughts about this – what could we do that’s easy and affordable that will resolve the issue?

A: It sounds like the integrated sunshade is too short – they all are. Integrated sunshades also tend to be too close to the lens – and too low. This means as they extend they extend into the field of view. But this latter point might provide a solution.

You’ll need to experiment with this, but we’d be thinking about a sunshade that was considerably longer yet elevated higher above the lens, allowing it to extend further before intruding into the scene.

You don’t mention it but something else to ponder is the amount of sky in the frame. If you have your required angle and height of view, you can forego other parts of the scene in the interests of eliminating serious internal reflections. You don’t need walls, windows, trees, sky. And you can put up with sunshade intrusion if there’s an overall performance gain and no loss of coverage in your required view.

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