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Chatty New Sensor From Optex

The VX 402 Series employs a proven multiple detection pattern technology developed from Optex Europe’s long-range external detector range that prevents false activations from family pets, other small animals and birds. Two discrete detection areas are created and only when an intruder is detected in both areas is an alarm output provided. Originally designed for small commercial and industrial applications to protect against intruders entering unauthorised areas, the technology has since been adapted for residential applications, not just for security but also for use in a health and safety role, as Paul Nicholas of Optex Europe explains: “The VX 402 series is already proven in certain commercial applications but is now finding a niche protecting householders from being attacked on their driveways, or as a safety warning device to alert parents if their young children go too near to a pond or swimming pool. The device can be programmed with a variety of different messages either advising caution or providing a definite warning, depending on the application. “The key to the product’s success is its reliability and low false alarm rates,” Paul continues. “Installers and home owners effectively now have a product that they can use outdoors that provides the same high-performance detection they have come to expect from the detectors they use inside their homes. Unlike courtesy lighting systems, for example, where activations by family pets are common, the VX range of sensors is designed to accommodate such activity.” Ideal for event-driven CCTV applications, the new VX-402, which can be hard-wired or wire-free, allows the installer to record a customised warning message on-site. The volume of the announcement can be increased by wiring a second speaker into the detector.  Using the ‘Easy Voice Recording’ and ‘Voice Warning’ functions the VX402REC version can be programmed to deliver the most suitable voice announcements in the best possible sequence. The new VX 402 is available in three models, each with a detection pattern of 12 metres x 12 metres. The detection pattern of 90 degrees with 12m range can be rotated through 180 degrees allowing flexible mounting of the unit.  A wire free kit version is also available including receiver with audio and visual indication that can be used either stand-alone or integrated into an existing security or lighting system.


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