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Crow Shepherd Security System

Crow Shepherd Security System

♦ Crow Shepherd Security System – Shepherd is Crow’s next generation of security and safety panels, offering high standards of reliability in data transmission via multiple encrypted communication paths and advanced Cloud services suite.

Shepherd supports a wide selection of security and automation devices for many applications, including smart connected home devices and peripherals with extended life spans. The control panel features software update over the air capability for easy remote configuration, wireless equipment upgrade, and testing, as well as firmware over the air for devices.

There are advanced diagnostic tools for optimal installation and configuration, artificial intelligence with detection and recognition, CrowCloud and Smart Shepherd apps, CMS/ARC management software support which liberates smart data functions. Shepherd is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for IoT Voice activation.

The panel has up to 64 Wireless Zones (ISM & DECT),  up to 4 areas, up to 20 users, up to 32 wireless outputs, visual verification via up to 16 indoor or outdoor PIRCAM detectors, a communications range with sensors of up to 500 metres, a 2000-event log and more.

You can find out more here or contact Crow distributors.

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