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Cybersecurity Top Physical Security Concern

Cybersecurity Top Physical Security Concern

Cybersecurity Top Physical Security Concern – New research from Genetec shows cybersecurity remains a top concern for physical security professionals worldwide with almost half of all respondents activating improved cybersecurity strategies in 2022.

Based on insights from over 3700 physical security leaders from around the world, the report revealed that 49 per cent of the organisations surveyed had activated an improved cybersecurity strategy this year, and 36 per cent of all respondents are looking to invest in cybersecurity-related tools to improve their physical security environment in the next 12 months.

When asked about the challenges faced when managing employee and visitor safety, more than half of the organisations selected cybersecurity as their main challenge. This was particularly evident for organisations with over 100,000 employees, with 62.3 per cent of them indicating that cybersecurity was their top challenge, compared to 52.1 per cent for companies with under 100,000 employees.

Of the many capabilities related to cybersecurity and data protection deployed by physical security teams in the last year, cyber-hardening of physical security hardware and access control management were the most popular, with 40 per cent of respondents implementing new measures targeting those capabilities.

“It’s reassuring to see physical security professionals prioritising their organisation’s cyber security posture,” said Mathieu Chevalier, principal security architect at Genetec.

“As the threat landscape continues to evolve, leading with a defence in depth strategy remains the best game plan that an organisation can have. Businesses will need to put in place cybersecurity best practices and choose technology partners who offer higher levels of automation to stay on top of potential threats. They will also need to scrutinise their entire supply chain and demand continuous verification, rather than just hardening networks and systems.”

To help its customers be more cyber resilient, Genetec has developed features that are embedded in its security platform, Genetec Security Center.

The Security Center Firmware Vault keeps cameras secure and up to date by alerting customers when updates are available, automatically validating firmware compatibility and allowing customers to push it directly to the camera from the platform. This helps to reduce the likelihood of falling victim to known vulnerabilities.

Meanwhile, Streamvault appliances are cyber hardened, right out of the box. More than 200 security settings are preconfigured, to ensure every part of a customer’s infrastructure is protected.

The Certificate Management feature in Security Center 5.11 simplifies the task of managing the lifecycle of certificates, allowing users to effortlessly keep their devices connected and running smoothly.

Genetec Update Service (GUS) alerts users to new product updates, allowing them to automatically download or install on their own schedule, reducing the effort required to manage updates and be protected from attack.

Finally, the Security Score widget is a dynamic hardening tool that checks the security of the system in real-time. It lays out guidelines and then monitors whether the different elements of the system comply.

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John Adams
John Adamshttps://sen.news
A professional writer and editor who has been covering the security industry since 1991, John is passionate about clever applications of technology and the fusion of sensing and networking. A capable photographer John enjoys undertaking practical reviews of the latest electronic security systems.


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