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Dahua Full-Color Cube

Dahua Full-Color Cube Released.

Dahua Full-Color Cube Released.

Dahua Full-color Cube – Dahua Full-color Cube integrates Dahua’s Full-Color and Smart Dual Light with other technologies.

“Dahua’s Full-color technology is continuously being upgraded, with the addition of Dahua Smart Dual Light being an example,” said Eaden Xie, product manager at Dahua Technology.

“This year, we combined these 2 core technologies with AI, Duo and PT cameras, as well as other technologies, to offer the Dahua Full-color Cube that further addresses users’ monitoring needs for vivid and colour images in low-light environments,” Xie said.

Featuring panoramic vision, more personalized and flexible settings, intelligence at will, and future growth, the Dahua Full-color Cube is delivered in a range of options including 180- degree panoramic, Full-color + Duo, Full-color + PT and TiOC (three-in-one camera).

Based on Dahua’s advanced pixel-level metadata fusion algorithm, Full-color Duo camera adopts Dual F1.0 Aperture Lens and Dual 1/1.8-inch CMOS sensors to create better imaging effects in low-light conditions.

Dahua Full Color Cube 2 LR
Dahua Full-Color Cube 3

Compared with traditional cameras, its seamless 180-degree image significantly saves equipment and installation costs. Also, the eyeball model supports 3-axis rotation, which makes installation and operation more convenient, while its ePTZ function delivers panoramic image with multiple target details.

The Full-color + PT version is equipped with larger pan and tilt angle to provide a expanded field of view with fewer blind spots, while capturing 24/7 color images for more information and details. A variety of mounting brackets make it easy to install on a pole, ceiling, or wall.

According to Xie, TiOC is a star product of the Dahua Full-color family.

“TiOC integrates Smart Dual Light, Active Deterrence, and AI,” he said. “Before the event, SMD 4.0 and Dahua Perimeter Protection technology accurately focuses on human and vehicle alarms. During the event, Smart Dual Light technology records events in colour, while actively deterring intruders with red and blue lights and siren. After the event, Smart Search quickly retrieves target footages, reducing investigation time. TiOC also allows third-party platform access for live broadcast/playback, video and audio parameter configuration, etc.”

You can find out more about Dahua Full-color Cube here, check local release dates from distributors in ANZ, and read more SEN news here.

“Dahua Full-Color Cube Released.”

Dahua Full Color Cube 3 LR
Dahua Full-Color Cube 4
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