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ICT Release Protege X

ICT Release Protege X Cloud Based Access, Intrusion And Automation Solution.

ICT Release Protege X Cloud Based Access, Intrusion And Automation Solution.

ICT Release Protege X – Protege X from NZ-based security manufacturer ICT is a next generation cloud-based, cross platform access control and intrusion detection ecosystem, designed for businesses that demand future-proofed flexibility and for integrators seeking a proven SaaS business model.

According to ICT’s Richard Hawker, Protege X comes with a simple to manage subscription-based model backed by an industry leading lifetime warranty to ease the bottom line and allowing users to have a comprehensive system up and running from day one.

ICT Release Protege X

“Whether you have a single property or are an expanding business with multiple locations, an intuitive pathway from Protege WX enables direct migration to Protege X via the cloud for programming, user databases, and supported integrations,” Hawker said.

“Created with flexibility in mind, users can self-monitor and control any number of locations from a smart phone with the Protege Mobile App. Add users, open or lock doors, and report on daily events from any device. Complete visibility over all your locations, whether it’s just down the road or across an ocean.”

ICT Release Protege X 3
ICT Release Protege X 4

“Powered by Microsoft Azure, data and security is protected one of the most secure cloud infrastructure providers in the world. With over 3500 cybersecurity experts testing and monitoring the database 24/7, there are frameworks covering everything from the loading time to any time data is in transit in the cloud.

“And as long as you have a Protege X subscription, all ICT connected hardware, including controllers, expanders, and even door readers, are covered by an industry leading lifetime warranty.”

Protege X features always-on IP monitoring, scalable, multi-factor authentication managed through the Azure active directory, and databases that are compliant with GDPR regulations. The system allows user management from a single unified user portal, with no disparate databases, locations or programming.

Intelligent PowerBI reports help managers visualise data and to use event reports to make informed decisions. Users can employ the pre-built templates, while PowerBI also offers complex data visualisation and insight metrics. Dashboards monitor crucial business touchpoints allowing situational awareness at a glance.

Integration with wireless locking systems offers a cost-effective solution to provide secure keyless access without the complexity associated with hardwired doors, and elevator control allows authorisations to be limited by floor.

You can read more about ICT release Protege X here or see more SEN news here.

“ICT Release Protege X Cloud Based Access, Intrusion And Automation Solution.”

ICT Release Protege X 1
ICT Release Protege X 5


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