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DAS Conexao Partnership Marks Milestone

DAS Conexao partnership benefits Milestone customers.

Conexao partnership marks Milestone for DAS customers.

DAS Conexao Partnership Marks Milestone – DAS and Conexao Technology Solutions have announced a partnership to elevate the user experience of DAS’ Milestone customers.

The partnership means DAS’ Milestone customers benefit from access to the full O-Insight suite of agile workspace, analytics and IoT connectors from Conexao Technology Solutions.

“I welcome this collaboration with DAS and look forward to sharing the O-Insights plethora of solutions to meet the emerging requirements of the dynamic Australian market and to building smarter buildings and safer cities together,” said Kamal Nair, CTS CEO.

DAS Conexao Partnership Marks Milestone

Shane Morrisby, Milestone product manager from DAS, said the DAS team was excited to partner with CTS to help its partners leverage O-Insights for their Milestone VMS.

“The DAS Milestone team are ready to assist partners in pairing O-Insights with their Milestone VMS for a more functional, intelligent and powerful system,” Morrisby said.

Find out more about leveraging O-Insights for Milestone solutions at DAS here or read more SEN news here.

“Conexao partnership marks Milestone for DAS customers.”

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DAS Conexao Partnership Marks Milestone.



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