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HID Tops Biometrics Growth Index

HID tops biometrics growth index ranks third for innovation.

HID tops biometrics growth index ranks third for innovation.

HID tops biometrics growth index – HID has ranked highest among 19 solution providers on the growth index of the Frost Radar benchmarking system for analyzing biometric authentication solution suppliers.

“Earning the highest score on the Frost Radar growth index is a testament to the hard work and investment that HID has put into its biometric authentication portfolio,” said Steve Currie, senior vice president and managing director of HID Extended Access Technologies.

“Our solutions give people around the world an improved authentication experience that uses fingerprint or face. These solutions are used globally across a broad and growing range of applications, from enhancing and securing banking services and transforming the retail experience to speeding and simplifying patient ID assurance, border security and other applications and services across the government space.”

HID’s overall growth leadership ranking was based on how it builds on its end-to-end identity portfolio, how it offers biometric reader hardware and software platforms using a wide range of biometric modalities, and how it furthers its customers’ digital identity ecosystem.

HID Tops Biometrics Growth Index

On the innovation index, HID was recognized for successfully pivoting to more digital identity solutions over the last decade, ongoing solution development for biometric credentials, and ensuring its solutions work with its legacy hardware as new capability upgrades.

“Our industry leadership has been validated by not only scoring highest on the Frost Radar growth index but also earning one of the top three innovation rankings,” said Vito Fabbrizio, managing director biometrics for HID’s Extended Access Technologies.

“We continue to evolve and expand to service multiple markets with a comprehensive offering of solutions that align with our customer’s changing needs and help them solve new and increasingly difficult challenges.”

You can find out more about HID biometrics here and read more SEN news here.

“HID tops biometrics growth index ranks third for innovation.”

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HID Tops Biometrics Growth Index.


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