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DAS Partnered With Milestone

DAS Partnered With Milestone

♦ DAS Partnered With Milestone – Since the transition of Dicker Data Access and Surveillance (DAS) from Hills in May 2022, key manufacturers have transitioned under DAS’ wing, including Milestone Systems.

According to DAS’ product manager Shane Morrisby, Milestone is a global leader in enterprise-level open platform video management software (VMS), and its commitment to constant evolution means the Milestone team is always introducing new possibilities.

“Milestone’s open platform have over 500,000 installations worldwide and works with more than 11,000 IP Devices and the flexibility of its platform unlocks freedom to add new technologies as they’re developed,” Morrisby said.

“Milestone has a true Open Platform System that can integrate with over 11,000 supported devices and has over 500,000 deployed solutions worldwide, offering the end user flexibility as well as an unmatched experience – it’s a truly unified solution provider,” Morrisby said.

“Milestone and DAS have a strong relationship and DAS recognises the need to uphold Milestone’s competitive edge, offering pre and post-sales support, alongside access to technical support, demonstration licences, promotions, training sessions and partner programs to deliver a true end-to-end Milestone solution.”

Milestone’s hardware and software solutions are available to order at DAS. With the installation of XProtect as the surveillance system’s foundation, Morrisby said DAS delivers full rein to build a system and integrate other applications and devices – especially via the Husky 150 IVO range.

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