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Dedicated Micros Adds CD Writer To DVRs

Particularly suited to small retailers who need to provide footage to the police on a regular basis, an integral CD writer provides an immediate way to copy both image and audio data off the DVR’s hard disk for a complete record of any given incident.

The new versions offer the same look and feel as the existing Eco4 and D4 models for ease of installation training and use. And since no external CD recorders, SCSI cables or power supplies are required, installation time and costs are kept to a minimum.

Each CD created includes playback software that runs automatically on a standard PC, without needing to invest in any additional equipment or install extra software.

Dedicated Micros’ Retail Solutions (RS) software can be supplied with D4 CD – allowing recorded video to be associated with text data from EPOS systems and instantly copied to CD, helping to combat instances of staff fraud such as under-ringing and sweet-hearting.

The new 300GB variants of Eco4 and D4 offer 2 months out-of-the-box recording.


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