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Digicon Secures Australian Border

Digicon Secures Australian Border in partnership with Idemia.

Digicon Secures Australian Border in partnership with Idemia.

Digicon Secures Australian Border – Through a partnership with Idemia, Digicon has provided equipment and Smart Gates technology to update the border control system in arrivals at 8 Australian airports, including Darwin, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, with 3 already in operation.

The dFlow model, a high-tech device with a high level of security required for this type of operation, was chosen for this project. dFlow operates on a free flow system. The gate has normally open doors that only close in case of unauthorized access. Instead of stopping people, dFlow has lights that track them, as well as an innovative sensing system that monitors the entire passage area.

“Border control projects require a high degree of customization and security, as it is increasingly apparent that these two aspects must be compatible with a more humanized experience for the passenger,” said Peter Elbling, president of Digicon.

“Each country has its own entry rules, and systems and equipment must comply with legislation. The Australia project involved customization of the dFlow equipment both in terms of mechanics and software. For example, the end customer, the Australian Border Force (ABF), wanted to generate visual alerts for specific use cases that were discreet for the passenger but highly visible to ABF.”

The solution presented by Idemia, which won the overall contract for secure border entry, went through rigorous systemic and user experience tests, applied by competent Australian authorities, such as the Home Affairs and the Australian Border Force (ABF). A controlled operation with real boarding was also carried out. After all government approvals were achieved, dFlow gates integrated with Idemia’s MFACE technology were deployed.

“Idemia Australia wanted to meet the desires of ABF for a differentiated solution worldwide,” said Elbling. “The choice of dFlow attests to the innovation that this product brings to the border and passenger control market in general. Digicon was also chosen for the ability to deliver a quality product with the required customizations within the deadlines demanded by ABF. Without a doubt, the support of the Digicon engineering team has created a bond of mutual trust between Idemia and Digicon.”

Digicon Secures Australian Border

With the equipment update, airport passengers go through a deeper check at the ‘Gen3 Kiosk’ terminals, a few metres away from the dFlow eGates. Passengers can then use any dFlow eGate for final validation and entry into the country. This final check is done through biometric face identification technology of the passenger using Idemia’s MFACE.

With this application, there is no need for a passport at the eGate, as the passenger’s face is used as a token and proof of identity, raising the level of monitoring at the border, while ensuring higher levels of security, and a better user experience with more agility and comfort.

For Digicon’s Commercial Coordinator, Adilson Santos, the dFlow innovation provided an opportunity to deliver a passenger tracking solution that can evolve to meet real world challenges.

“Being a Brazilian company that had the opportunity to offer technology to a first-world country in such a relevant segment further qualifies and consolidates Digicon in this airport market,” Santos said.

“Digicon understands that passenger flow control has not changed much in the past few decades. Meanwhile, the world has changed a lot. Users want increasingly fast and personalized experiences when interacting with technology. Digicon understands that it has also earned its place in meeting this expectation.

“With dFlow, we are able to elevate security levels for both the passenger and airport operations, while maintaining the premise of comfort,” Santos said. “This characteristic of Digicon’s solution has created a kind of identity in the market, making the segment more demanding and allowing us to think that it is possible to do better.”

You can find out more about Digicon Secures Australian Border dFlow gates here and read more SEN news here.

“Digicon Secures Australian Border in partnership with Idemia.”

Digicon 2
Digicon Secures Australian Border.



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