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New Reliance Alarm Kits

New Reliance Alarm Kits From DAS.

New Reliance Alarm Kits From DAS.

New Reliance Alarm Kits – New and updated Reliance kit codes have arrived at DAS.

The new range of Reliance kits, featuring the Reliance and Reliance XRPro (with XR coming soon), deliver an NBN-ready residential and commercial system with built-in IP communication.

The range includes advanced features, industry-leading functionality, user-friendly operation and cost-effective security for residential, multi-story, educational, retail, government, aged care, and warehousing installations.

Updated Reliance kits stocked by DAS include Reliance R8 Vertex Kit (RELIANCE-R8-K2) incorporating PCB controller, Vertex keypad, 3 OPTEX sensors, combo siren and strobe, top hat piezo, 5A battery and plug pack.

The Reliance R12 Kit (RELIANCE-R12-K1) includes PCB controller and 7A battery and plug pack, allowing system to support a larger number of hard wired devices.

The Reliance R128 Kit (RELIANCE-R128-K6) includes the PCB controller, TouchNav keypad, 3 optex sensors, combo siren and strobe, top hat piezo, 7A battery and plug pack.

Finally, the Reliance XRPRO Kit (RELIANCE-XRPRO-K2) incorporates a PCB controller, a TouchNav keypad, 3 Optex sensors, combo siren and strobe, a top hat piezo, a 7A battery and a plug pack.

You can learn more about the Reliance kit range from DAS here and read more news from SEN here.

New Reliance Alarm Kits XRPRO Features

  • 16 on zones (8 with zone-doubling enabled)
  • Expandable to a maximum 176 zones (combination of hardwired and/or wireless)
  • 8 individual areas/partitions
  • Up to 256 user PIN codes (4 digit)
  • Maximum 24 codepads
  • Onboard IP Reporting/LAN
  • Onboard Wireless Receiver
  • Cellular Radio (3G+4G)
  • Smart App Support.

“New Reliance Alarm Kits From DAS.”

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New Reliance Alarm Kits from DAS.


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