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Dm Moves Forward With Netvu Inside

THE powerful NetVu client/server software has already proven its worth embedded in a diverse portfolio of AD Group systems on the ground, on the move and in the air, whether FireVu to detect smoke in a prestige office development; TransVu to monitor school buses or FlightVu to keep cabin doors secure on international passenger aircraft. Mark Romer, National Sales and Marketing Manager at Dedicated Micros Australia explains: “We have been a strong advocate of network connectivity from the very beginning; in fact every digital recorder brought to market by DM has had an Ethernet port. However we now believe that the latest DV-IP products, based on the NetVu Inside client/server software architecture can take IP connectivity to another level, offering a truly scaleable solution that encompasses integrated video capture, recording, transmission and viewing.” DM does not just see ‘NetVu Inside’ as a benefit for new customers, there are plans in place to release a software upgrade suitable for the vast majority of existing customers who want to take advantage of a more distributed solution. Adds Mark: “In future our vision is: ‘Any camera, from any moment in time, on any screen, anywhere in the world’, facilitated by ‘NetVu Inside’ technology. This has tremendous benefits for example at airports where systems on groundside vehicles, in planes and in terminals could provide a complete picture of the security environment.” For further information please contact Mark Romer at Dedicated Micros on tel +612 9634 4211 or visit the website at www.dedicatedmicros.com. See DM at Security Australia 2005, stand no: 25


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