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DMs New 4-Camera Nvr

 The new DV-IP ATM is part of DM’s family of professional network video servers and has been designed specifically to assist the banks, by recording camera images and transaction data, to deal with the growing problem of fraudulent card use at Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) The compact DV-IP ATM – slightly bigger than a telephone directory – readily fits within the confined conditions of an ATM and can be smoothly integrated into a bank’s security system through new or existing IP enabled computer networks. Once operational the unit is able to process transaction data and record this with video footage when attached to cameras within the cabinet, combined with views from external cameras. A post event text search engine allows bank security staff to rapidly associate transaction data with the relevant CCTV images to home in on suspicious activity, providing evidence of sufficient quality to secure a conviction. Other features of the DV-IP ATM include: local recording of high resolution JPEG format which means that even if there is network failure recording is not interrupted. In addition, data streaming in MPEG-4 format facilitates efficient data transmission over low bandwidth connections. Spot monitor support offers a visual deterrent and helps assure customers and bank employees that there is a safe and secure cash withdrawal facility.


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