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DSCS PowerSeries Touchscreen from QVS

The PowerSeries touchscreen seamlessly integrates with DSCPowerSeries security systems and combines keypad functionality with anintuitive interface and makes installation and programming very easy.

For the user, menu-driven, intuitive screens makesprogramming very easy to configure desired options. The installers will alsohave the ability to do installer-based programming from virtual keypad, as wellas through the PowerSeries TouchScreen keypad. 

Building from the default or optional displays, theinstaller can quickly configure 5 of the graphical icons from more than 10options, depending on the user’s needs. With up to 8 partitions available, thePowerSeries Touchscreen’s keypad offers the benefits of a multi-partitioncontrol panel without changing the control panel, and lets each partition’szones act independently from the rest of the system.

Each of use for the user is another plus. Large clearlyrecognisable on-screen buttons and intuitive menu-driven screens facilitateease of use and programming. For example, to access the FAP keys, users justpress the Emergency button on the sidebar.

Distributor: Q Video Systems

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