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Extreme’s 400-Metre Ir Illuminator

The UF600 is a supercharged, optimized high-performance version

of the UF500 and has been developed by Extreme engineers to

greatly extend night vision surveillance performance using

conventional CCD cameras and lenses. With dual units at input power of only 200 Watts each, the UF600 can surpass 400 meters (1,300 feet) in complete darkness when matched with its FSX800 model CCD camera and IR sensing zoom lenses. The UF600 will be

marketed as a commercial product without any special government

clearance as prerequisite to purchase.

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The UF600 further underscores Extreme’s position as the leader

for active-infrared night vision equipment. Unlike that of

passive thermal systems, the UF600 delivers high-resolution

illuminated video suitable for use in intelligent scene analysis

and is easily integrated with standard CCTV system protocols.

Extreme engineers are also developing a new infrared illuminator

to exceed the 700 meters (2,300 feet) range. The next-generation

illuminator is currently in testing and is scheduled for a

mid-2005 release.

Similar to Extreme’s successful UF500 illuminator, the UF600

targets top-tier security applications. The UF500 is currently

securing utilities, reservoirs, roadways, fields and numerous

other sites. Government and defense have been significant

purchasers where integrated systems require precise,

high-resolution video capture in darkness following motion

detection by radar or by other threat-tracking devices.

“The UF600 pushes Extreme’s night vision capabilities another

step further into the distance,” says Jack Gin, President and CEO

of Extreme CCTV. “As an immediately-deployable surveillance

solution, the UF600 gives security professionals a powerful new

tool for long range night vision.”


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