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Extremist Bomb Making Web Sites Up 40 Per Cent

According to ISS, the number of Web sites making such content available has risen by 42.3 per cent from 132,000 in November 2004 to over 188,000 in November 2005. This corresponds to over 16 million individual Internet pages. In the ISS data processing centre located in Kassel in Germany, a thousand PCs are continuously crawling the Internet for new Web pages. Every day, images, graphics and texts of Internet offerings are constantly and automatically analysed and classified into one of 60 subject categories covering everything from normal Web use, such as home banking, online shopping, music, and sport, through to more dubious categories such as weapons, spyware distribution sites, extremist pages, etc. At present, over 5 billion Internet pages and images from over 60 million individual Web sites have been logged. The Web content filtering database is central to ISS’ Proventia Webfilter product, which ISS offers to organisations to optimise Internet access for employees and to prevent any kind of non work-related Internet use. This way, employee productivity is increased and legal liability through use of illegal private surf trips at the workplace is reduced.


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