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EYEfi Cloud From VSP

EYEfi Cloud From VSP Trial Offered.

EYEfi Cloud From VSP Trial Offered.

EYEfi Cloud From VSP – Axis Communications has selected EYEfi as its partner of choice for its new Axis Cloud Connect solution and VSP is offering a 6-month free trial.

“The demand for greater agility, scalability and real-time surveillance is driving many businesses to the cloud – with EYEfi, installers can offer customers an easy way to connect, monitor and manage Axis cameras on the internet, with a simple to use cloud-based web app,” said VSP’s Zaki Wazir.

EYEfi Cloud Connect links images from surveillance cameras to a user-friendly interface, making it easy to monitor events easily on a single interface and to receive alarm notifications in real-time.

“Surveillance via the cloud makes it possible to elevate your security and take the challenge out of video surveillance, giving businesses of all sizes stress-free security 24/7,” Wazir said.

“End users can say goodbye to the worry of ongoing maintenance issues, disparate systems that don’t talk to one another, and unpredictable costs. With VPN technology, AWS secure cloud storage and edge storage support, you know your data is always safe.

“Axis is a proven partner and VSP fully supports its 24/7 managed services. Axis is continuously innovating and upgrading its solutions and EYEfi Cloud Connect is an affordable, entirely cloud-based video service platform hosted and managed by EYEfi on Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing your customers with a reliable and effective monitoring solution.”

EYEfi Cloud From VSP

EYEfi is a proven solution in Australia. VicRoads utilizes EYEfi’s automated incident management technology across the entire fleet of incident management vehicles. In that application, the EYEfi solution provides real-time incident visibility, GPS tracking of vehicles, automation of incident workflow processes, and a system of record for all incidents being attended to by incident management vehicles and personnel. The EYEfi SPARC solution is also used in bushfire monitoring and management.

Contact VSP here to find out more about the 6-month free EYEfi trial or read more SEN news here.

“EYEfi Cloud From VSP Trial Offered.”

EYEfi Cloud From VSP 2
EYEfi Cloud From VSP 2


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