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EOS Distributing Digifort VMS

EOS Appointed Exclusive Distributor for Digifort VMS.

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EOS Distributing Digifort VMS In Australia.

EOS Distributing Digifort VMS – EOS has been appointed exclusive distributor for Digifort VMS in Australia.

Digifort is an open platform VMS supporting most CCTV cameras available. Build around performance-driven architecture, it’s claimed to be one of the most responsive and lowest CPU and RAM-demanding video management systems in its class.

Meanwhile, EOS Australia is a leading value-added distributor of electronic security solutions with a proven track record in the video security industry for over 25 years, making the companies natural partners.

“Digifort Global is fully committed to delivering an impressive roadmap ahead, and we will continue to invest in research and development to provide the best-centralized video management platform on the market,” said Tooma Chong, director of Digifort.

“EOS Australia’s long-term support and commitment to becoming one of the best solution providers in Australia gives Digifort Global great confidence that Digifort VMS will continue to thrive in the Australian market.

“We are excited to share our upcoming features, integrations, and improvements with EOS Australia, and you can expect to hear about them directly from EOS Australia in the coming months and beyond.”

According to Patrick Cha, director, EOS Australia, EOS has demonstrated its resilience and ability to adapt quickly to meet the demands of the Australian market over many years and is determined to serve and support system integrators through superior product knowledge.

“We are confident that our partnership with Digifort Global will enable us to bring the latest advancements in video management technology to the Australian market and provide our customers with the best possible experience,” Cha said.

For further information on Digifort VMS, contact your EOS account manager or click here for more information – you can read more SEN news here.

“EOS Distributing Digifort VMS In Australia.”

EOS Distributing Digifort VMS 2
EOS Distributing Digifort VMS 2
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