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SALTO Neoxx G3 Keyless Padlock

SALTO Neoxx G3 Keyless Padlock With Mobile Access.

SALTO Neoxx G3 Keyless Padlock With Mobile Access.

SALTO Neoxx G3 Keyless Padlock –The product is a robust high security padlock with keyless and fully mobile access for a wide range of internal and external applications where padlocks still offer the most flexible locking mechanisms.

The SALTO Neoxx G3 padlock is made of hardened steel with a removable shackle model option, which can be completely detached from the padlock body. The cover case with a double-layered structure guarantees the ultimate protection from falls, shocks, and the most extreme environments or usage. The shackle is available in 8mm diameter and length options of 25mm, 30mm, 60mm, and 90mm. The padlock weighs 515g.

Other features include anti-drilling protection, emergency battery change, battery monitoring to optimize maintenance and battery life, optical signaling through light ring, and dual-color green/red lights to indicate access authorization, with optional acoustic signal.

The SALTO Neoxx G3 electronic padlock has been tested up to 130,000 operations on a standard set of batteries (4 x LR1) and is IP66 – IP68 rated for water-resistance, making it suitable for extreme environments. It is also IK08 impact-resistant, thanks to a rubber cover.

SALTO Neoxx G3 Keyless Padlock 3
SALTO Neoxx G3 Keyless Padlock 3

SALTO Neoxx G3 integrates RFID, Bluetooth LE, and NFC technologies. In addition, the Neoxx G3 electronic padlock features SALTO SVN data-on-card and BLUEnet wireless network capable core technologies onboard. Thanks to BLUEnet wireless advanced capabilities, the padlock can read, receive, and write information via a smart card or real-time communications over the air (OTA).

The SALTO Neoxx G3 electronic padlock also includes SALTO JustIN Mobile technology, which provides users the convenience of gaining access with an iOS or Android smart device. Users can open doors, gates, and padlocks with a smartphone or Apple Wallet with an iPhone or Apple Watch.

“We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the SALTO Neoxx G3 electronic padlock, which is the most advanced and versatile locking system on the market,” said Marc Handels, SALTO Systems CTIO.

“The SALTO Neoxx G3 is perfect for a wide range of access control applications and is particularly well-suited for those outdoor deployments that need the reporting and advanced technology that electronic access delivers as well as a product with a tough exterior that can withstand extreme weather variations.”

“We designed the Neoxx G3 to meet the extreme demands that are found in these exterior areas but to also be compatible with the SALTO Space on-premise access platform and the SALTO KS and Homelok cloud applications,” Handels said.

You can read more about Salto Neoxx G3 Keyless Padlock here or see more SEN news here.

“SALTO Neoxx G3 Keyless Padlock With Mobile Access.”

Salto Neoxx G3 2 LR
SALTO Neoxx G3 Keyless Padlock 4
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