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FHDistribution Launches in Australia, Aims For Number 3 in 2 Years

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FHDistribution has launched in Australia as a manufacturers’ representative of a selection of international manufacturers it will provide to a boutique group of local distributors. FHD has aggressive intentions and plans to be Australia’s number 3 security distributor within 2 years.

WHEN you run your mind’s eye over the electronic security distribution market the first thing that occurs to you is that it’s mature, competitive and that success in the future is likely to come down to thinking out of the box and perfect targeting of unexplored areas. That makes it hard to conceptualise how a new distribution player could grow hard enough to hit the top three in a couple of years without acquisition.

But according to Ilya Malkin general manager FHDistribution, there are areas in the market that will reward hard work and quality relationships – supplying products to a group of key local distributors in each state which then sell to installers and integrators.

“FHDistribution is a manufacturers’ representative – it represents overseas manufacturers in Australia,” Malkin explains. “FHD will manage distribution locally with full support of the brands we carry. We will not have too many distributors – the idea is that the brands be exclusive enough so that everyone does not carry them to the point the only way integrators can differentiate themselves is to drop prices.”

According to Malkin, there are big traditional wholesalers in the market and they can import products and convert them for the ANZ market but it’s harder for smaller companies.

“There are smaller boutique distributors which don’t have a national footprint and while they give excellent service at the local level, their smaller size means they can struggle with the product management, and importing can get complicated for them as well,” Malkin explains.

“A company like FHDistribution fills the gap. We can offer these smaller distribution companies a great product range across multiple market segments at competitive prices, while not competing in the same space as distributors because we don’t sell directly to integrators. Meanwhile, distributors can be certain we will not flood the market and drive down prices.”

Ilya Malkin FHD 1.jpg MR

The product ranges being managed by FHD include the sole distribution of TVT, as well as Folksafe (CCTV accessories) and Vesta alarms and automation products. There’s also access control and other peripherals, with further brands subject to negotiation.

“TVT has been in market since 2004 and has a lot of knowledge – they did not start manufacturing CCTV gear 5 minutes ago – TVT started out building cameras and NVRs as an OEM, however, the company is now focusing on doing more of its own branding,” Malkin said. “It’s a competitive range – 5MP cameras, 4K NVRs and cameras range, 5MP HD analogue – the mobile app is great, too. Very easy to use and nicely designed.

“Best of all, installers can use the TVT product and it will be extremely competitively priced compering to the competition and you will be offering a different solution that uses all the latest technology – H.265, analytics, face recognition built into NVRs, a great GUI that combines a ‘Windows-like’ look with Linux stability, simple remote access configuration with QR code scanning – we have a local server in Sydney that handles remote access. The iPhone and Android app is state of the art, extremely responsive, easy to operate, timeline in playback view, backup of critical footage to the phone storage.”

As well as Folksafe video accessories range, FHD also offers alarms and automation.

“Our alarm system is called Vesta – a modern alarm panel with IP and 4G backup, video verification of alarm events, and it comes with home automation built in. We offer a range of ZigBee devices as well,” Malkin explains. “Vesta will soon be integrated with Alexa and Google Home – that means customers will be able to control the system using voice. Vesta also has self-monitoring via our own server here in Australia. Vesta is another company has a long history in the field, so it’s a reliable and well-designed system with 24 months of warranty.

“The visual verification and self-monitoring are important for some home owners, even if they also use professional monitoring as it gives them the power to manage the system. With Vesta, everything is wireless – the range is up to 2000 metres, which makes it one of the best and most stable in the world. Programming is very easy and can also be handled using a web interface. Rounding out the current range, we have gate access control systems: Bluetooth, 3G, Long Range RFID; all solutions are driven by an app on a mobile device and can use a remote.

“We’ve had a very positive response from distributors, so we know we will be offering a real alternative,” Malkin said. “Our intention is to incubate a group of excellent brands, support boutique distributors, grow our presence and make FHD number 3 in the market place within 2 years.”


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