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Fire and Rescue NSW Toughens Up

Fire and Rescue NSW Toughens Up With SmartConnect.

Fire and Rescue NSW Toughens Up With SmartConnect.

Fire and Rescue NSW Toughens Up – Fire and Rescue New South Wales has toughened and extended its mission-critical radio communications safety and security with SmartConnect from Motorola Solutions.

FRNSW depends on reliable, team-based communication to maintain safety and resilience in every emergency it responds to. With end-to-end encryption, SmartConnect helps to maintain security of voice communication, even when switching from LMR to LTE, Wi-Fi and satellite networks. The service also mitigates the risk of wireless nulls in places where coverage can suddenly drop, including garages, inside buildings and other built-up city environments.

Motorola Solutions’ SmartConnect system maintains reliable and uninterrupted communication by automatically switching communication channels from Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks to the best available broadband services. The service can also roam onto satellites for extended coverage in remote areas.

Motorola Solutions managing director for Australia and New Zealand, Con Balaskas, said SmartConnect helps to ensure FRNSW personnel stay connected to their essential voice communication in any circumstance.

“Fire agencies and other emergency services trust LMR networks to provide resilience and widespread coverage to fulfill their mission,” Balaskas said.

“By automatically switching between LMR and broadband networks, SmartConnect protects firefighters by helping them to focus on their mission, knowing that their vital communications can roam with them where they need to go.”

Fire and Rescue NSW Toughens Up

FRNSW provides rapid emergency response, firefighting and rescue services to enhance community safety and resilience during natural disasters, like bushfires and floods, which can destroy vital communications infrastructure. Devastating losses in the 2019-20 bushfire season ultimately led to a Royal Commission into natural disaster arrangements, which recommended enhanced response and resilience.

FRNSW’s investment in SmartConnect comes as the organisation establishes its Connected Firefighter program, which will provide firefighters with the latest information and communications technologies. The initiative is being delivered in direct response to the 2019-20 Bushfire Inquiry and is part of a broader, $A80 million investment from NSW Government to support enhanced fire service technologies and facilities.

You can find out more about Motorola Solutions’ Smart Connect here and read more SEN news here.

“Fire and Rescue NSW Toughens Up With SmartConnect.”

Fire and Rescue NSW Toughens Up 2 LR
Fire and Rescue NSW Toughens Up 2


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