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GSA Wins PowerStack Distribution

GSA Wins PowerStack Distribution For Australia.

GSA Wins PowerStack Distribution For Australia.

GSA Wins PowerStack Distribution – PowerStack Australia has signed a national distribution agreement with security distributor, GSA Systems, for the rollout of its fully integrated, modular off-grid solar poles.

Australian designed and manufactured, PowerStack modular solar poles provide a sustainable, cost-effective way to power safety, security and smart technologies for your business and community projects.

Designed as an off-grid vertical solar unit with 5-day back-up battery, the 4-sided pole allows integrators and end users to access power for lighting, cameras, wireless sensors and more without the expensive and time-consuming utility approvals, trenching and cabling required by AC power.

GSA Wins PowerStack Distribution

The modular design means PowerStack can be installed almost anywhere, and is optimised to capture maximum sunlight for each location. Installed in under 30 minutes by a 2-person team, PowerStack is built to last in rugged environments and comes with a 10-year warranty.

The agreement will create several benefits for both existing and new PowerStack customers. According to Nathan Giblett, PowerStack’s founding director, GSA’s national footprint and expansive sales network offer an enhanced sales and delivery service for PowerStack solutions across Australia.

“It makes sense for us to partner with one of the fastest growing security distributors in the country,” Giblett said. “They’re already talking to the people every day who use and buy our product; the integrators, designers and installers.

GSA Wins PowerStack Distribution

“We’re confident the GSA team has the right expertise in solar systems to showcase the benefits of this technology to their customers in the security industry allowing us to focus on continued product innovation and development for the next iteration of PowerStack.”

For GSA Systems, the partnership brings the benefit of enhancing its product offering with unique, vertical solar technology.

“PowerStack’s product range is exciting for us and our clients,” said GSA Systems’ founding partner, Glenn Opray. “It integrates seamlessly with a number of surveillance products we already offer and provides an alternative solution to integrators who require a system that operates outside the boundaries of a traditional power source.

“PowerStack’s solar poles significantly expand the locations that our security solutions can be deployed in. From waterfront locations to outback Australia and everything in between, our integrator clients can now offer a very real saving to their customers, both in installation times and through reducing their reliance on traditional powered systems.”

The agreement enables GSA Systems to distribute a flexible set of PowerStack poles that can be configured for a huge range of security applications. The PowerStack team will be working closely with GSA on educational events and activities over the coming months to showcase PowerStack technology.

You can find out more about PowerStack solutions here, about GSA Systems here and you can read more SEN news here.

“GSA Wins PowerStack Distribution For Australia.”

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