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Avigilon Halo 3C Gamechanger

Avigilon Halo 3C Gamechanger, Says Peter Ha.

Avigilon Halo 3C Gamechanger, Says Peter Ha.

Avigilon Halo 3C Gamechanger – BGW Technologies’ product manager Peter Ha says Avigilon’s Halo 3C is a gamechanger for end users and security installers, offering significant lateral monitoring capabilities.

“When you stopped by the BGW Technologies stand at SecTech this year, you would have had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Avigilon HALO 3C Smart Sensor,” Ha said.

“Now in stock nationally at BGW Technologies, the Avigilon HALO 3C offers the latest in safety technology, covering spaces that have traditionally been challenging to monitor.”

According to Ha, the BGWT team has seen high demand for the devices in all verticals.

“It’s already a game changer in the sensor market in the 2C version and the product enhancements of the 3C take Halo to another level,” Ha said.

“The Halo includes today’s highly required detection sensors including various gases like CO, CO2, Air Quality, Vape, Vape THC as well other functionalities like spoken keywords, motion detection, occupancy/people counting and even a panic button. The feature list goes on, offering an all-in-one security solution, without infringing people’s right to privacy.”

Avigilon Halo 3C A Gamechanger 2 LR
Avigilon Halo 3C Gamechanger 3

According to Ha, HALO Cloud and Halo App also add a layer of control and immediacy to the sensor. Users can remotely manage multiple devices and receive real-time notifications and updates on the monitored space, allowing them to respond to situations without delay.

“I can think of countless situations where the ability to act quickly could actually impact someone’s life,” Ha explained. “It really changes the business case when you think about safety monitoring applications like that.”

Ha said HALO 3C can be purchased stand-alone or built into a complete solution, depending on requirements.

“We have been selling the Avigilon HALO range for over a year now and our experienced team will be able to help you design the right solution for the installation you are working on,” Ha said.

“HALO 3C integrates through all the major VMS platforms including Milestone XProtect and Avigilon Control Center (ACC), and BGW Technologies is able to help installers and integrators build a solution.

“All our branches are experienced, understand this product and are here to help. If you’re not entirely sure if the Avigilon HALO 3C is worth including in upcoming installations, give your local BGW Technologies team a call and let’s have a chat about it.”

BGW Technologies’ Lour Mavrelis said a product with the complex functionality of Halo was well matched with the BGWT team’s focus on meeting customer’s operational imperatives.

“Our people are an extension of your business, and our support will help you get the job done right first time,” Mavrelis said.

You can contact the BGW Technologies team here or see more SEN news here.

“Avigilon Halo 3C Gamechanger, Says Peter Ha.”

Avigilon Halo 3C A Gamechanger 3 LR
Avigilon Halo 3C Gamechanger 4
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  1. Thanks for the write up SEN. Post SecTech enquires on this product for schools, universities and other public space situations has been significant with stock sold out but more inventory on its way.


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