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FLIR TCX Mini Bullet

FLIR TCX Mini Bullet, powered by FLIR’s Lepton camera core, offers 24/7 high-contrast thermal video and high-performance built-in video motion detection. 

FLIR says TCX outperforms visible-light security cameras by providing the advantage of seeing clearly in complete darkness without any illumination, in bright sunlight, through smoke, dust or even light fog – enhancing accuracy and dramatically reducing false alarms. 

Flexible for integration in any environment, indoors and out – even in temperatures as cold as -40°C – FLIR TCX is ideal for ensuring safety of public buildings, industrial facilities, large and small businesses, or residential areas.

FLIR TCX supports lighting control, people counting, retail traffic flow, and queue management, and enables a whole range of other applications including intrusion/presence detection: vehicles, people, animals, video alarm verification, night vision – 24/7 CCTV, residential security, short-range perimeter security, safety and fire assessment.

Distributor: QSS
Contact: 61 3 9646 9016


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