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Gallagher EKA CyberLock Integration

Gallagher EKA CyberLock Integration

Gallagher EKA CyberLock Integration – A new integration between Gallagher Command Centre and EKA CyberLock CyberAudit system developed in Australia focuses on user and cardholder integration between the 2 systems, and door access control.

Many clients want management of user and access details handled in Command Centre, then automatically pushed across to CyberAudit, while alarms and events are also sent back to Gallagher.

Gallagher EKA CyberLock Integration
EKA CyberLock

Sync Service, developed by Electronic Keying Australia (EKA), provides an integration layer between the Gallagher Command Centre and the CyberAudit Web system (CAW). EKA Sync Service features its own web-based administration system, easy set up and configuration (including the ability to import CSV data mapping files), optimal performance and security, backed by professional support directly from the system’s developers.

The service has been developed to solve 5 broad issues:

* Avoid the overhead and potential user-errors of having to maintain the same data in 2 different systems
* Allow day-to-day management of cardholder access to CyberLocks, to be done through Command Centre alone
* Provide visibility of CyberAudit Web System related alarms and events in Command Centre
* Allow Gallagher encoded RFID cards and mobile credentials to be used with EKA electronic key cabinets
* Allow a single Gallagher card reader to control access to a bank of EKA electronic key cabinets.

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