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Gallagher Releases Key Tags For SMB

Gallagher has launched Key Tags in ANZ – an alternative access credential for its small to medium business security solution (SMB).

Gallagher security for SMB is a cloud-based security platform that provides SMB business owners with the freedom to manage their security from anywhere, with an easy-to-use mobile app.

The Key Tags feature was developed in response to feedback from customers that while they enjoy the ease of mobile credentials, physical tokens still have their place, for example if a staff member leaves their phone at home.

The current use of mobile credentials within the SMB app minimises the cost and effort involved with managing physical access control credentials such as keys and pin codes – as credentials are managed online and emailed directly to the end user’s mobile device. While mobile credentials have many benefits, sometimes a physical credential is preferred.

“Although SMB was designed as a mobile-first solution we understood from working with our customers that an alternative access credential to the phone was required,” explains Lisa Tubb, senior product manager for SMB at Gallagher.

“With Key Tags, customers of our small to medium business solution now have the flexibility to choose an additional credential technology that may better suit their business and their people.”

In addition to offering greater flexibility, a Key Tag can be used as a backup to the phone, alleviating anxiety if the user is locked out after leaving their phone in the office, or the phone’s battery is flat. Key Tags are also a great solution for customers with multiple sites, as staff members can use one tag across multiple locations.

The SMB Key Tag solution opens doors for sites and areas that are not armed and only require access control. A tag can be used to provide access to a shared facility, such as a hotel or gym; a non-armed area, such as a courier drop-off zone; or the site, if cleaners or other contractors require access.

According to Tubb, customers are empowered to securely encode the Key Tags directly from their phone and allocate to staff as needed. This functionality will save SMB partners time and money, as they don’t need to handle, encode, or distribute tags – they can order the site’s hardware and tags together and send directly to the end-user.

“SMB Key Tags provide greater flexibility for partners, ensuring they can meet the varied access requirements of a site and its users, along with offering an equally reliable and secure alternative to mobile credentials,” said Tubb.


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