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Gallagher Wears A HALO

Gallagher Wears A HALO

♦ Gallagher Wears A HALO – Gallagher is among the first access control manufacturers to integrate with the HALO Smart Sensor.

Gallagher has announced a next-generation integration between Gallagher Command Centre and HALO Smart Sensors, helping sites achieve better situational awareness with a single interface for all events and alarms.

The Gallagher HALO integration was included as part of the latest version of recently released Command Centre software v8.70 and will be incorporated into all future versions.

Gallagher’s HALO integration allows HALO events and alarms to be displayed, monitored, and reported on within Command Centre software. Operators can now easily view HALO events and alarms in Command Centre, rather than having to use multiple disparate systems, saving time, and providing better situational awareness.

Able to detect substances in the atmosphere, as well as light, pressure, temperature, humidity, and sound, this intelligent integration helps sites maintain safe and healthy environments by detecting abnormalities, such as a gunshot or smoke, and generating an alert within Command Centre.

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