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Enterprise Access Control Epiphany

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Enterprise Access Control Epiphany

♦ Enterprise access control epiphany for South Australia’s Sunrise Christian School, which is using SALTO to support 7 locations, in a less cumbersome and time-consuming way.

According to Bradyn March, IT manager of Sunrise Christian School, a new solution was definitely required.

“Most central services staff were carrying 6-8 keys,” March explained. “When a key was lost, we faced the costs of replacing the key or the entire lock. It was a costly and time-consuming process, and risk management is always a big concern.”

Travel time was also a contributing factor, as well as managing the security of the regional campuses which offered use of facilities to community groups. It was important for Sunrise to be able to manage access remotely while maintaining a clear view of who was using the facilities, and when.

Sunrise selected the SALTO Space SVN data-on-card and wireless solution to meet its requirements. Networked through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), SALTO Space is designed for doors where real-time control is required and provides control and management of all access points remotely.

Locks that are not required to be online in real time or are out of range of a wireless receiver, can still operate in offline mode via SALTO’s data-on-card technology, where the users’ access information is stored in an encrypted format on the smart card with online wall readers able to update (and receive information from) the cards.

The school also takes advantage of SALTO’s JustIN Mobile app which allows them to securely and conveniently send digital keys over-the-air (OTA) to registered and verified smartphones via the ProAccess Space software.

The products selected by Sunrise are the XS4 One, XS4 One Mini handle sets, SALTO Neo Cylinders as well as the SALTO Neoxx Padlocks. There are several hard-wired perimeter access points complementing a system that is otherwise wireless.

March said the Sunrise team was thrilled to find an unconventional yet effective use for the Neoxx Padlock beyond gates and sheds – they now also secure the schools’ iPad Trolleys.

Benefits of the system include the ability to automatically secure doors at the end of the day and schedule access control during the day. There have also been considerable savings in the costs associated with rekeying and changing locks when mechanical keys are lost, as well as staff time.

Staff who regularly travel across multiple campuses now only need to carry one fob, instead of multiple keys, and where required can be granted access almost instantaneously.

Meanwhile, audit trails and reporting enable principals to see how the campus is being used, by who and when.

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