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Ge Has New Range Controlled Radar Sensor

GE’s Security business new Dual Technology RCR-REX (Range Controlled Radar Request-to-Exit) sensor combines Doppler Range Controlled Radar motion sensing and Fresnel lens PIR technology, all in one unit for improved security. Since both physical motion and heat are simultaneously required to trigger the device, the new sensor is immune to common attempts that defeat current request-to-exit sensors using PIR only. For maximum protection, security personnel can adjust the range-controlled radar so that the radar threshold is above the floor. Thus, objects inserted going along the floor or under the door will not activate the sensor, making it virtually impossible to defeat. The unique dual technology in GE’s RCR-REX sensor triggers the door latch quickly, allowing easy egress while providing other benefits including limiting the number of people allowed in or out and the length of time the door can be opened. The RCR-REX contains a built-in sounder that results in a local warning that the door is not sealed if the door is left unlocked too long. GE’s new RCR-REX sensor mounts simply to the wall and provides a swing-open cover for easy access. It features two form C output relay contacts, independent adjustment for the PIR and RCR, including a mask for easy adjustment of the PIR field of view, user-programmable lock relay activation times with easy-to-change DIP switch settings, LED indicator and a tamper switch, which detects efforts to access the sensor. “Most REX sensors false trigger too easily. This sensor virtually eliminates typical assaults used by criminals to gain access, such as warm water being poured under a door or sliding coat hangars with material attached to it under or between doors,” said Jim Paulson, GE Security General Manager, Commercial and Residential Solutions. “While every other competitor uses PIR (passive infra-red) technology only in their REX sensors, we have added our patented Range Controlled Radar to provide increased protection against these false alarm events. Additionally, the RCR-REX is extremely easy to install.”


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