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Genetec Cloud Link Roadrunner

Genetec Cloud Link Roadrunner enclosure management device.

Genetec Cloud Link Roadrunner enclosure management device.

Genetec Cloud Link Roadrunner – Genetec Cloud Link Roadrunner is a cybersecure, ruggedized, NEMA TS2-compliant IoT device that combines with access management software to power advanced enclosure management solutions across complex applications like road systems.

Roadrunner enables users to manage and control who, how, and when remote enclosures in a range of industries are accessed. Built to withstand extreme weather conditions, the Cloud Link Roadrunner also provides enhanced security of distributed architecture with real-time monitoring of events, advanced cardholder management, and comprehensive reporting and accountability.

The Genetec Cloud Link Roadrunner is an IoT device, purposely built for enclosure management. Built with a focus on cybersecurity, management, and physical security, the Cloud Link Roadrunner is the first of its kind.

Genetec Cloud Link Roadrunner

Cloud Link Roadrunner IoT device supports multiple containerized applications and services, and manages local inputs and outputs, as well as access control hardware. It’s a hardened, cybersecure device with all communications secured using TLS 1.3 and authenticated with a certificate. Hardware encryption secures data confidentiality and Secure Boot is used to protect against cyberattacks and malware.

Genetec Cloud Link Roadrunner can transmit access control permissions to the installed readers with the Cloud Link Roadrunner device and is able to open multiple sides of an enclosure with a single reader based on configured privileges.

Genetec Cloud Link Roadrunner

Roadrunner has a small form factor that can be easily mounted on a shelf, wall, c-channel and 1U rack. The unit is NEMA TS2 compliant and can work in environments with temperatures ranging from -40 to 74C. It’s rated to for vibration resistance to IEC 60068-2-64 and NEMA TS-2, for shock resistance to IEC60068-2-27 and NEMA TS-2: 2.2.9 and for temperature to IEC 60068-2-1. Meanwhile ingress protection is IEC 60529 and IP2x against solids like dust.

Roadrunner has a quad-core, 64-bit CPU, a system memory of 1GB RAM and 4GB flash storage, communications via a 10/100BaseT Ethernet Port, 2 RS-485 pairs for access readers, 2 IOs supporting 24v outputs for controlling 2 HES 630REL (or equivalent), and 2 normally open inputs for door position sensors.

There’s a pair of form C relays (2A max. 30Vdc) and 4 configurable inputs that are digital normally open and supervised with 4.7K Ohms EoL. Power output is 12V DC (max 240mA per card reader), and power input is 24Vdc +/-10 per cent (420mA mean/724 mA peak). Dimensions are 126mm (150mm with wall bracket) x 152mm x 37mm, and the unit has a weight of 375g and an operating temperature range of -40 to 74C.

You can find out more from Genetec here or see more news at SEN here.

Genetec Cloud Link Roadrunner Features

  • Supports up to 10,000 cardholders
  • Extreme temperature and vibration rating
  • Expandable capability through containerization
  • Network breach operational resiliency
  • Embedded threat level management
  • Dynamic (DHCP) or static IP addressing
  • Encrypted communications with host software
  • OSDP Secure Channel
  • Cyberattack and malware protection
  • Encrypted customer data at rest and in transit
  • Secure web interface for basic configuration.

“Genetec Cloud Link Roadrunner enclosure management device.”

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