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HackHunter Pursuit Portable WiFi Tracker

HackHunter Pursuit Portable WiFi Tracker Detects WiFi Bugs.

HackHunter Pursuit Portable WiFi Tracker Detects WiFi Bugs

HackHunter Pursuit Portable WiFi Tracker – HackHunter Pursuit is a portable WiFi tracker designed for TSCM bug sweeps to support corporate, government and private counterespionage activities.

HackHunter Pursuit Portable WiFi Tracker detects, tracks and locates WiFi APs and devices connected to a WiFi access point, communicating through an access point, or transmitting WiFi in the area being searched.

After a search, reports can be generated using the Insight analytics platform using standard or custom templates, offering a WiFi network traffic analysis, as well as an overview of a WiFi network’s behaviour. The unit can detect transmission types and volumes to determine unusual patterns or suspicious activity, such as a de-authentication attack.

HackHunter Pursuit Portable WiFi Tracker detects and locates the source of WiFi transmission to within a few centimetres in real-time and alerts if these transmissions are malicious. It can detect unauthorised WiFi using complex real-time filtering (templates), while real-time analysis means you can track and locate the WiFi source with precision. The unit’s directional precision means WiFi sources can be found under the floor, in the ceiling, or in concealed locations.

In addition, HackHunter’s Insight analytics platform provides a real-time dashboard that analyses data logs and generates automated reports, including how WiFi in the environment has changed over time.

“HackHunter’s innovative technology shows organisations exactly what WiFi is in their environment, what it’s doing, and exactly where it is – all in real time,” said HackHunter CEO, Tracie Thompson.

“HackHunter’s vision is to make sure that WiFi remains a trusted technology used by organisations and members of the public. It’s really satisfying to see the Pursuit tracker find unauthorised WiFi in both normal and unique conditions. Using the Pursuit tracker, organisations and individuals can now be confident that they have an easy to use and effective solution to better protect against unauthorised WiFi surveillance.”

HackHunter Pursuit Portable WiFi Tracker 2
HackHunter Pursuit Portable WiFi Tracker device display.

According to Julian Claxton, managing director of TSCM specialist, Jayde Consulting, HackHunter Pursuit Portable WiFi Tracker is one of the most valuable tools in the team’s threat detection arsenal.

“We have identified well over a dozen unauthorised wireless routers and several connected devices (including mobiles) across our corporate and government client base,” Claxton said.

“Such access means that files can potentially be uploaded from company servers, virtually invisible to corporate security teams. Furthermore, audio and video surveillance devices using rogue transmissions can send critical conversations or images offsite, with little to no chance of detection, but for a time-consuming physical search…until now.

“While there are plenty of software suites that will detect such threats, in our experience only the HackHunter Pursuit can locate these rogue devices to the centimetre – and fast. This is where the HackHunter Pursuit really earns its keep. The cost of the Pursuit is easily justified when considering the enhanced TSCM benefit it provides.”

HackHunter’s innovative technology is designed, developed, and manufactured in-house in Australia, using advanced 3D printing and product design principles to produce high quality devices at scale and on demand. The Pursuit weighs less than 600g, lasts 4.5 hours per charge and is designed for single-handed use with an intuitive touchscreen.

You can find out more about Hackhunter Pursuit here or read more SEN news here.

HackHunter Pursuit Portable WiFi Tracker

  • Detects rogue access point audits, floor walks and WiFi audits
  • Detect, track and locate unauthorised and hidden WiFi devices
  • Receive alerts in real-time as malicious sources are discovered
  • Tag and record important details or add an AP to the built-in safe list
  • Log and upload details to the Insights analytics platform for further analysis
  • Generate automated reports directly from the Insight analytics platform.

“HackHunter Pursuit Portable WiFi Tracker Detects WiFi Bugs.”


John Adams
John Adamshttps://sen.news
A professional writer and editor who has been covering the security industry since 1991, John is passionate about clever applications of technology and the fusion of sensing and networking. A capable photographer John enjoys undertaking practical reviews of the latest electronic security systems.



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