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GeS Networx Panels Now Do Internet Reporting

Thanks to the convenience of accessing the panels over the Internet, web-based NetworX control panels are suited for vacation homes and other locations where a hardwired phone line may not be possible or desired. NetworX is GE’s security system that uses advanced technology for burglary, fire and environment detection for both residences and commercial properties. Alarm.com provides a web-based service, which complements traditional monitoring with wireless web-based control and notification. In addition to simple alarm reporting, security system control and home activity monitoring are also possible via the Alarm.com portal. Through Alarm.com, users can add/delete user codes, control many features of the NetworX control panels, and have alarm and activity notifications sent via email, telephone, or pager to themselves, wherever they might be. “The new Internet-enabled control and reporting capabilities of our NetworX control panels give dealers and end-users maximum flexibility in using their security systems,” said Jim Paulson, GE Security General Manager, Commercial and Residential Solutions. “With Internet use now common among homeowners and businesses, it is clear that web-based functionality is a highly desirable feature for security systems. As users begin to access their Networx control panels via the Internet, they will start to see the system as more of a home activity information and control system versus simply a security system”. NetworX panels are distributed in Australia by Direct Alarm Supplies.


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