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Geutebruck’s G-Scope/8000

GEUTEBRUCK has added 2 powerful devices to its G-Scope/8000 Expert Servers – the G-Scope/8000-IP16SAS with its integrated RAID system can accommodate up to 16 hard drives.

The integrated RAID controller can not only control the internal RAID systems, it can also manage up to 15 G-Scope/8000-JB16 type external JBODs (HDD enclosure), each with up to 16 hard drives. Database sizes of 256TB can be easily implemented. 

But along with size always comes the question of controllability. Access times are important parameters that greatly affect ease of use. This is where the G-Scope/8000 sets a new standard: Even at the maximum database size of 256TB, images are available again after a restart in just about one minute. Searching for events brings up results in just a few seconds. The operator has no reason to notice the size of the database. 

A high level of reliability and availability are essential at such a system size. In the G-Scope/8000 series with redundant components and server operating system, they are a matter of course. Configuration of the system with RAID level 6 and 1 hotspare hard drive is ideal.

Distributor: Geutebruck Australia 
Contact: +61 2 8969 6302


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