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Hanwha’s Monster 55x Optical Zoom PTZ

HANWHA HAN-XNP-6550RH is a 2 megapixel outdoor-rated IR PTZ camera with the world’s best optical zoom of 55x magnification.

It has a unique adaptive IR technology which adjusts the dynamic infrared radiation angle with the zoom ratio, providing an outstanding low light performance for long range monitoring.

Furthermore, the HAN-XNP-6550RH supports advanced digital image stabilisation (DIS) by combining the standard DIS function with the gyro sensor to compensate for unstable images caused by shaking.

This makes it suitable for harsh conditions such as high pole mounting and windy areas. With a high PoE requirement of 60W, this camera requires a high PoE switch from the new Aetek range. For more information, please head into your local CSD branch.

Distributor: CSD
Contact: 1300 319 499


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