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HID State of Access Control

HID State of Access Control

♦ HID State of Access Control – HID’s state of access control report highlights mobile as a current major trend, with 42 per cent of respondents worldwide indicating plans to upgrade to mobile-ready systems.

Produced by IFSEC Global in partnership with HID Global, the report surveyed just over 1000 respondents from across North America (56 per cent), EMEA (29 per cent) and Asia Pacific (15 per cent), to detail trends in the procurement, installation, specification and operation of physical access control solutions.

The report describes the current state of the market, the technology being used, and trends that security and IT professionals are witnessing and foreseeing.

Key findings include a drive towards convenience – ease of use is considered the most crucial reason to upgrade to a new access control system, according to 60 per cent of respondents.

At the same time, 42 per cent of respondents are planning to upgrade to mobile-ready systems. While security system administrators benefit from increased operational efficiency, employees and visitors may find mobile access more convenient and secure since they are more likely to have their mobile devices at hand than their access cards. About 32 per cent of respondents said they would upgrade systems to introduce touchless solutions in response to the pandemic, with contactless biometrics also being considered among them.

Future-proof support is also a growing concern as users are pushing for long-term convenience while achieving cost savings. Half of the respondents highlighted the ability to support new tech in the future as one of the top 3 features in a new access control solution, and 33 per cent included integration with existing security platforms as being important.

Sustainability was another focus, with organizations across all regions making a clear effort to understand how new purchases and upgrades in access control technology can have an impact on sustainable practices and 28 per cent of respondents having consulted their sustainability departments about their buying decisions.

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