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The Mystery of Erehwon Tower

The Mystery of Erehwon Tower

♦ The Mystery of Erehwon Tower – Last Tuesday in SENAAA we ran a piece covering an ICT system purported to be an application at ‘Erehwon Tower’ that we’d tripped over on social media – it was not sent to us as a release by ICT.

We thought it was a real place but we were mistaken. Erehwon Tower (spell that first word backwards) is a fictional reference site the ICT team uses for training purposes. ICT contacted us multiple times to point out our mistake and to offer us any one of their thousands of other applications but we are unwell with Covid, isolating in the country with a sick child, and it took us half a day to get the story down.

Apologies for any confusion in relation to this mysterious site but note all the functionalities mentioned were perfectly real. Any bored IPVM readers who happen to stop by, please subscribe to SENAAA here and don’t miss SEN‘s fair dinkum ICT case study – landing next Tuesday!

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